Rag Arm

Slinging Heat and Ice!

Slinging Heat and Ice!

History of Rag Arm

The inception of Rag Arm came about simply by mistake while cutting off the sleeves of a sweatshirt. The original purpose was to use it as a workout vest and discard the sleeves, however it was the sleeve that got more use and attention.

The “crude” sleeves were worn to keep my throwing arm warm while playing baseball during a chilly October fall league in Minnesota. The evolution of this idea progressed while playing in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Fort Myers a few months later. The sleeve was small enough to roll-up and conserve luggage space and eliminate a jacket. I used this silly looking thing every inning of every game of the tournament. By the end of the week, a teammate said “Hey Eddie, I think you got something there!” That’s all it took.

I knew it worked and spent the next two years engineering, designing and refining the idea into working prototypes with my mother on her old fashioned sewing machine. We produced a lot of samples and
got feedback from numerous ballplayers during the process. Then after what seemed like endless research & development, the Rag Arm Sleeve and Business
came to life.

The latest up-to-date version features dual purpose heat & ice pods to provide therapy for training, gametime, and recovery.

Thank you for supporting Rag Arm!


Edward Hadash Founder/Owner