Rag Arm

Slinging Heat and Ice!

Slinging Heat and Ice!


Mike Propsom, Burnsville Bulldogs After shoulder surgery, I used the Rag Arm almost every day for at least 3 months to ice after stretching or exercising.  It’s great for holding the ice in place while multi-tasking.  I haven’t found an over the counter product that can say the same thing.  Nice work!           John Rausch, Burnsville Bulldogs – Age 69             Ed: My players have used the Rag Arm sleeve at JR. High and the High School levels. What is nice about the Rag Arm sleeve is how compact and totable it is.  At our level our pitchers use it to run the bases and it speeds up the game because its easy and fast to put on.  My younger players don’t realize important it is to keep their arm warm between innings and the Rag Arm is an easy answer to this problem. Craig Johnson, HS Coach, Browerville, MN   Ed: Just wanted to let you know I used the Rag Arm this past weekend in our Big Ten Opener against Indiana. I threw it on when I came in the dugout after being out on the field and it seemed to help significantly.  I think it can also be a good asset for a position player like me. Kyle Geason, Third Baseman University of Minnesota   Using the Rag Arm is a good way to keep the arm warm during a game.  It can be used in any weather condition – day or night.  I always used to wear a coat between innings but now I wear the Rag Arm sleeve.  It’s a lot nicer than a clumsy coat and never gets in the way and its easy to put on and take off.  I even wear it running the bases. Scott Lieser Pitcher – St. Cloud State University Browerville, Mn Grad    “I have found that the Rag Arm is easy to put on, and it definitely keeps my arm warm between innings when I pitch. The clip on the inside makes it easy to on the fence, and I don’t spend a lot of time looking for it on the bench.” Robert Beard Lakeville Lobos – Over 35 Baseball      “I saw this thing on him one day at the field and I just knew it was a good idea”, Kiemel says , holding a Rag Arm. “Good idea and simple. It made me think “why didn’t I think of that”.” T. Kiemel Former Chicago Cubs Player Current Crosstown Traffic Ballplayer Head Baseball Coach – Park Cottage Grove, MN    “Really convenient. A great alternative to a full jacket. Extremely easy to put on and take off. This is a great investment for the serious pitcher.” Brent M. High School Baseball Pitcher Medford, WI    “I never used to put a full jacket on if it was a hot day. This is a great tool because it allows my body to breath and I still keep my arm warm for the next inning.” Tom M. Amateur Baseball Player Medford, WI    John Riewer Minnesota Amateur Baseball Player 26 Consecutive State Tournament Appearances!            Mitch Heid HS Baseball Player Browerville, MN